Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fiona Bruce's Vintage 70's Antiques Roadshow

To many, Fiona Bruce is a classy lady. When she reads the news or does any other type of broadcasting on telly, she just seems to be so cool, calm and collected. She's a successful woman and seems to have become one without losing any of her femininity. A little while ago I was quite surprised to find out I have something in common with her. Ms Bruce was a David Cassidy fan in the 70's! I was very surprised to learn that. I saw an interview with her where she spoke about how in the early 70s there was a pop rivalry between David Cassidy and the Osmonds. She said she was a fan of David Cassidy. She loved him! (like millions of girls all over the world) She had all his pics on her bedroom wall (so did I!) and did all the other 'fan' stuff I presume. The funniest part was when she desribed how, when watching the Osmonds on television, her and her family would have to turn the brightness down because of the Osmonds teeth. They were too bright! And even when the brightness was turned down all you could see were the Osmonds teeth! They were still there! Anyway, here in the UK, Ms Bruce is well-known as a newreader and presenter of Antiques Roadshow. But I've just found out that she has said that she would like to feature some vintage 70s stuff on the show. And that's another thing we have in common. A love of 70's things! She has lots of vintage 70's stuff which is so cool. I wish I'd kept my things I really do. This is what she had to say about it:- "1970s outfits, from bell-bottom flares to multi-coloured maxi-dresses, are deserving of a slot on the show. The idea of what is vintage or antique is so much more elastic now," she said. "At the moment, there's a massive trend for 1970s fashion. People are buying it to wear or just to collect. And they're paying big money." She spoke of her "love affair with second-hand clothes". 70's fashions are really growing in popularity over here. I don't know, maybe people are longing for a piece of that more innocent era. Or maybe they just like the styles. Perhaps a bit of both. But I for sure still love the 70's and some (not all) 70's fashions. Ms Bruce has her critics saying that she is 'dumbing down' the Antiques Roadshow. But I disagree. I and I'm pretty sure many others welcome the broadening of the understanding of the word 'antiques' and look forward to seeing those 70's vintage dresses on the show sometime in the future