Monday, 16 August 2010

The pop music stars who rocked the fashion world with their popular looks

The Bay City Rollers’ flares and tartan scarves were listed among the most iconic looks in music history yesterday.

The style – adopted by thousands of fans of the Scots group at the height of Rollermania in the 1970s – was voted eighth in the list of iconic looks from the music industry.

Top was the Punk style pioneered by the Sex Pistols, followed by Michael Jackson’s single glove and Madonna’s cone bra – her Jean Paul Gaultier-designed Blonde Ambition look from 1990.

Others included ABBA’s all-white outfits; Kylie Minogue’s hot pants; Frank Sinatra and his tailored suits; and Spice Girl Geri Halliwell with her Union Flag dress.

Edinburgh group The Bay City Rollers – whose hits included Shang-a-Lang, Summerlove Sensation and Bye Bye Baby – were ahead of the famous black-and-white look of KISS and the Parka jackets worn by Oasis.

More than 2000 people across the UK were surveyed for the research, which was carried out by PRS for Music.

The research revealed that 41% of men and 39% of women let their music tastes influence their choice of clothing.

Ellis Rich, chairman of PRS, said: “Since the rise of pop music, it has become more common for the public’s dress sense to meet their music tastes. While bands like ABBA got the ball rolling back in the 1970s, there has been an incredible emergence of new trends blossoming out of the music industry.

“From the New Romantics’ make-up to the alternative Indie lovers, we’ve seen it all.”

Dressed to thrill

The top ten iconic looks are:

1. Sex Pistols - Punk

2. Michael Jackson - Solo glove

3. Madonna - Cone bra

4. ABBA - All white outfits

5.Kylie Minogue - Hot pants

6. Frank Sinatra - Smart suit

7. Geri Halliwel - Union Flag dress

8. Bay City Roller - Tartan

9. KISS - Black and white

10. Oasis - Parka jackets

8th? Should've been 1st! But then again I am biased.