Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sixties Pop Memorabilia

Yes I know this blog is a 70's blog but I couldn't resist including this vintage bit of Beatles memorabilia! It's a Beatles towel described like this:-

"Rare original vintage Beatles fab four unused Irish linen tea towel 1964
Superb vintage piece of fab four sixties ephemera!
The Beatles images have adorned everything from mugs and plates to toys, thermos flasks to beauty products and most things inbetween!
Here is a great item for any enthusiastic Beatles collector - an original irish linen tea towel featuring John, Paul, George and Ringo circa 1964.
Printed in black, claret and dusky pink on cream, this fab tea towel has a border of guitars and drums, and features printed signatures above the heads of each of the band.
Printed along the bottom "all pure linen, made in Ireland, Ulster, copyright, fast colours".

The seller is asking for £70.00, which may seem a bit steep for a bit of cloth but aah, this ain't any old bit of cloth. This is a bit of cloth with the mugshots of the Beatles on it, which makes all the difference, and mightily increases it's value! I remember when I was a fan of a pop group in the 70's, anything with their faces on I just had to have! It was the same with other fans, and fans of other pop groups or singers in the 60's and 70's - even in the 80's. A young girl's love for a pop group or star is such a powerful thing, it takes over every aspect of her life. She lives, eats, sleeps and dreams this boy band or singer and will buy anything she can get her hands on that has anything to do with them, if possible! And it is this phenomenom that makes the discovery or management of a young boy band or boy singer so lucrative. As long as the boy band or singer is popular and they still have hordes of teenage, (or pre-teen) obsessional (and very hormonal!) fans chasing after them anything featuring them will sell. Why else do talent scouts or managers continually hope to discover the latest boyband! As a source of money, what can rival them? (well of course there are some things but I can't think of them at the top of my head) Because like I said, once a young girl is in love with a boy band or singer she will buy virtually anything that features them - whether records, magazines, posters, badges, bags, watches and yes, even tea towels.